Top Ten Training Tips: #3 Stop Attention Seeking Behavior

Is your dog an attention-seeker or demanding? While you may think it’s cute that your dog jumps up on you to go out and play, pestering you at inconvenient times is annoying and absolutely sends the wrong message to your dog. The reality is that whether you are trying to get some work done, make […]

Dogs Can Read Our Emotions

We who love our dogs are often accused of the psychological human trait called anthropomorphism—meaning that we ascribe human traits and emotions to non humans.  IT TURNS OUT WE ARE RIGHT!!!!!!! Dogs CAN read our facial expressions and can sense our emotions. If we raise our voices, they will react in a certain way.  And […]

Top 10 Training Tips-#2

#2 The Leave it Command When our dog picks up a slipper, a sock, a dangerous food item like a chicken bone, or while on your daily walk goes to gobble another dog’s poop (heaven forbid) they must respond instantly to the command “Leave it!” Destroying your shoes—and by the way, it is rarely a pair—but […]

Top 10 Dog Training Tips

  #1-Posture and Cues Dogs obviously do not speak using our words.   But after hearing our commands over and over again, they learn what they mean.  But before they learn the words, they pick up on our physical cues.  They are masters at reading body language.  Just as they read another dog’s body language in their […]

The Real Story Behind Rescue

The term “rescue” is used so often these days that we tend to forget the meaning…and more importantly the stories behind the word. Rescue dogs are saved from kill centers. Please take a minute while you are reading this blog post to imagine the puppies and adult dogs locked in cages with concrete floors with […]