Dogs Can Read Our Emotions


We who love our dogs are often accused of the psychological human trait called anthropomorphism—meaning that we ascribe human traits and emotions to non humans. 


Dogs CAN read our facial expressions and can sense our emotions.

If we raise our voices, they will react in a certain way.  And when we praise them using our high pitched “good boy,” they know they have done the right thing.  Even an angry turned up eyebrow,  a sympathetic tilt of the head, or an inviting smile gets translated into emotional IQ and consequently their behavior.

 My wife Ronnie has been saying this for years. And now her thoughts are validated by this scientific study. This synopsis is well worth the read.

Today, take some time to show your best friend how much you love your him/her with your voice and facial expressions. They will feel it and reward you with the love and admiration that you need from them. 

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