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At our place or yours, our job is to train your dog with the good habits they need to make life enjoyable for all. From the basics of sit, down and stay – to the more sophisticated, like good socialization skills with people and dogs of all genders and ages, your dog really can be a healthy member of the family.

Humans call us to help at various stages: some are at wits end with their untrained, but loving, best friends. Others simply desire a more complete relationship, based on clarity of communication. In either case, one thing is clear: they and the dog are not speaking the same language.

Leader of the Pack: Our Training Philosophy

It’s not just my job, it’s what I love spending my days doing: bringing out the skills and intelligence each dog can offer, and turning them into good habits. Dogs naturally want to please their owner – and when they understand what their owner wants, they love doing it. That’s why our training involves teaching you (the human) how to take what your dog has learned and make it stick. Depending on your availability and time commitment, this part of the training varies quite a bit.

My training philosophy is that all dogs have the potential to be loving, considerate members of our families. If you show dogs that you care for the unconditionally (just as they care for you unconditionally), they will want to do what you want them to do. It takes time for a dog to understand that we want what is good for them, but we achieve that through building trust, so your best friend is calm and willing to learn what we have to teach him/her.

Where We Play: We Can Come to Your Place or your pups can come to our Training Facilities


Let’s get this out of the way: I want to come back in the next life as my dog, Gibbs. When you look at our home and our expansive lawn rolling down to the Atlantic ocean…you can probably see why.


I mean, who wouldn’t want to chase tennis balls around here? A key part of any dog training regimen is to involve a variety of environments. Within 15 minutes of our home, we have access to everything from wooded trails, sandy beaches, farms, and a busy downtown shopping center. We and the dogs take full advantage of these diverse environments for training and play.

Board and Train-At this time we are not open for Board and Train. We will however take your pups for a 4 hour block for intensive training socialization with our dogs. 



Sniff Us Out: Testimonials

“Evan has been an amazing resource with our new puppy. He’s patient, thoughtful, and firm which can be a hard combination to find! He’s also been very flexible with our family’s schedule so that both my husband and I can work with him and our Brittany, Renna.” – Shanna Deng

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Check out the videos below to see Evan and the dogs in action: