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I cannot begin to tell you how pleased I am with your dog training skills teaching  me what to do to eliminate the problems I was having with Rosie.  I could not walk her as she would bolt when seeing a passerby with or without a dog . My other issue was not knowing how […]

Shanna Deng

“Evan has been an amazing resource with our new puppy. He’s patient, thoughtful, and firm which can be a hard combination to find! He’s also been very flexible our family’s schedule so that both my husband and I can work with him and our Brittany, Renna.”

Robyn T

Our dog Baylor just returned from 5 days with Evan. Baylor responded so well to him and it was encouraging to see how trainable Baylor can be. Now we just need to use the training tools at home so Baylor responds to our commands as well as he did to Evan. I would highly recommend […]

Karla Diffin

I have met my first dog whisperer. Our training is a work in progress but we immediately began to see the benefits of the training techniques taught. After Even left our dog cried and whined at the door for him to come back. I highly recommend this trainer.

Jen Bigelow Williams

Evan has been incredibly helpful with our one year old Golden Retriever, Luna. He has provided us with training strategies and modeled how to practice these strategies during our sessions with him. We are so grateful for his expertise and help and highly recommend him.

Kate Hodgkins

Evan’s expertise has made a vast improvement in my house w/ 4 dogs! Fergus the youngest is manageable on walk just after 5 minutes.. We have ALOT of work ahead of us but excited with results so far… Working on rushing the door, stay with me, sit/stay. Today’s walk was amazingly so different than the […]

Stacy Rudnick Pollack

Ridley just retuned from a week at Me and My Dog Training, and we are absolutely amazed. He has always been sweet and loving and gentle… but he did what he wanted, wherever and whenever he wanted to do it. We were at our wits’ end, and it was becoming a big source of stress […]

Lilly Weitzman

September 2015 – Refreshers are so helpful. I can’t believe what just one visit with Evan helped us accomplish.