Sniff Us Out: Testimonials

You don’t have to do as your dog does – check out these testimonials, photos and more – from our customers and their pets.

In April 2014 – Evan just trained our boy Guinness. In just 2 weeks, we have a strong foundation to work with and an amazing friend and resource. If you have a dog, call Evan!!

Then in September 2015 – Refreshers are so helpful. I can’t believe what just one visit with Evan helped us accomplish.If you have a new furry friend or your longtime pal could use some skill, contact Evan Weston and Me and My Dog Training to learn more. Suggestion – Consider training during an upcoming vacation instead of simply boarding.

Lilly Weitzman

Another successful training session, with Coach Evan. Duke rewarded with some dog whisperer lovin.

Friends, if you have a pup, any age dog (turns out old dogs can learn new tricks!) that needs training, CALL Evan Weston and Me and My Dog Training now. You, and your 4 legged child, will be so happy you did!

Heather Davis

Evan has been an amazing resource with our new puppy. He’s patient, thoughtful, and firm which can be a hard combination to find! He’s also been very flexible our family’s schedule so that both my husband and I can work with him and our Brittany, Renna.

Shanna Deng
Evan has helped us to understand our dog better. He has modeled how to teach her to stay in her "place" when the doorbell rings and how to wait before running out the door or jumping up on a visitor. We are so grateful for the education we have gained through our sessions with Evan. He understands dogs so well (he is a "dog whisperer"), and has taught us during the training to be patient, consistent and firm. We fully recommend Me and My Dog Training and feel more confident and happy with our dog now that we better understand how to interact with her.
Jen Bigelow Williams

Evan’s expertise has made a vast improvement in my house w/ 4 dogs! Fergus, the youngest is manageable on walk just after 5 minutes.. We have ALOT of work ahead of us but excited with results so far… Working on rushing the door, stay with me, sit/stay. Today’s walk was amazingly so different than the pulling and reprimanding walks … Worth every penny so far!

Kate Hodgkins

Ridley just retuned from a week at Me and My Dog Training, and we are absolutely amazed. He has always been sweet and loving and gentle… but he did what he wanted, wherever and whenever he wanted to do it. We were at our wits’ end, and it was becoming a big source of stress in our home. Evan took the time to speak to us about our goals, explained what he was going to do to correct each behavior, and off they went. While we were apart, we received texts, photos and videos, and we could not believe our eyes. Evan was stern but loving and Ridley responded beautifully. We only hoped that we would be able to do it on our own. When they returned, Evan showed us what they had worked on and taught us how to continue the training without him. We now have a routine we feel comfortable with, and the power struggle has ended. If Ridley starts to revert to old behaviors, we feel empowered instead of frustrated, and we are able to correct him immediately. I only wish we had done this sooner. Evan has brought out the very best in our dog. This has been a game changer, and we cannot recommend it enough!

Stacy Rudnick Pollack

Sylvie and I went for a walk in the woods today. I took her off the leash and she stayed within 20 or so feet of me and came when called. Before you trained her, she would run away from me in the woods. What a difference! Thanks so much.

Joel Reck

The best dog training ever. I felt so comfortable that my dog was with someone that really loves dogs. In only 3 sessions, my German Shepherd is already responding to several commands. Inside the house he knows how to behave when guests arrive and I am finally able to bring him out in public without worrying that he would attack a person or another dog.

I would recommend Evan to anyone that really wants to get results and have well behaved dogs

Ilana Otey